Healey Nab

Healy Nab Dig and Ride

Had a cracking day yesterday with the guys up at Healey Nab in Chorley,  putting a few little finishing touches , mainly a boulder to stop an unofficial chicken run, on the new line. (come on guys, its a black option, know your limits please and don’t ruin months of others hard graft!!!)

Had a pretty good ride after the clean up too. No video this time, if there was, all you would get is a great view of me going over the bars after a pretty heavy, completely unplanned nose manual into a berm! Didn’t end well and my helmet shows the proof! (always wear a lid kids!!!!)

Anyway, heres a few shots of some of the other guys…….. (Didn’t manage to get shots of everybody, was having too much fun on the new line, sorry guys, ill get you next time )

Healey Nab
Ian Harrison
Healey Nab
Richard ‘Kedge’ Kerridge
Healey Nab
Daniel Chadwick
Healey Nab
Daniel Chadwick


Healey Nab

Healey Nab GoPro Footage

Managed to sneak an hour in at Healy Nab, one of my (fairly) local spots. Only hit the black option today but there is also a Red graded loop that is awesome fun too!

Healey Nab is dug and maintained by volunteers in conjunction with Lancashire CC. It is a really good scene there, especially on ‘dig days’ which seem to really be growing in popularity. Everybody is welcome so if anybody fancies lending a hand to keep the Nab riding sweetly, just check out I Dig Healy Nab on Facebook as details of Dig Days are always posted there.

See You Soon! ; D


Tricky Sixty

First Trip out with a GoPro

Ive always been into my action/extreme sports, especially Mountain Biking. The dilemma I always had was whether or not to bring a camera with me. The answer to that was always no! I was always too busy riding to keep stopping to take photos. The other problem was that i’ve never liked riding with with a heavy pack on my back so taking my equipment was always a chore.

So, I have finally got around to getting a GoPro! (other action cams are available!) And, so far so good, it does seem to be the answer to all of my problems. I thought i was going to be a bit disappointed with the quality of the stills i was able to get as after all, it isn’t a 5D mkii but i have found myself not really caring! Its great to be able to just set and forget!

Here are my early attempts, firstly a quickly edited video and secondly a few stills taken from it. I never really intended to take stills from this to start with so I know that with tweaking some frame rate settings in the future they could be vastly improved but i am pretty pleased with them for a first attempt. I think i can now see my blog taking on a slightly different direction!

What do you think?

Billinge Woods Two Trees Two Trees Two Trees Two Trees Two Trees Billinge Woods

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Lowther Garden Water Lillies

Taking the Time……….

Another fantastic day weather wise brought me again to Lytham. My wife Emily of Emily Frances Photography was undertaking a pre-wedding/engagement shoot so it was the perfect opportunity for me to explore a little more. My wanderings this time brought me by chance to Lytham’s oldest park, Lowther Gardens. This blog is not so much about the gardens but somebody i met there.

Harry Caunce

I noticed an artist studying and painting Water Lillies in the parks pond. The setting looked great for a few photographs, perfect setting for an artist immersed in his surroundings. I am not really one to so obviously take photographs of somebody and leave but i am not really one to try and start a conversation with a complete stranger either, which has probably resulted in me missing countless opportunities to get some great shots and maybe learn something new. After some more thought i decided to pluck up some courage and actually talk to him, whats the worst that could happen?

Lowther Garden Water Lillies

The Artist was Harry Caunce, a better person i don’t think i could have chosen. More than happy to let me take a few shots and have a chat. He has wealth of local knowledge about places and locations and lucky for me, who hasn’t been in the North West for too long, he was more than willing to tell me about them unlike some who guard some such things to the death! If you dont mind Harry, I think i may be asking a few questions in regards to where some of your work has been done, all of the places you choose to paint look incredible!

Harry Caunce

All of Harry’s work is painted on-site also and in all weathers which i think is becoming a rare thing. For me this adds something to his work which you may not get in works painted entirely or finished in a studio. Like a photograph, you can see the moment in his paintings. They are not just paintings of things or places but specific moments from these places creating a feeling of the mood of the day which may never be recreated. Harry could paint the same place over and over yet each recreation would tell you something completely different about the subject.

Lowther Garden Water Lillies

Thanks Harry for taking some time to speak to me, i will definitely be visiting the places you mentioned and probably picking your brains for more!

Harry can be found at www.harrycaunce.com, on facebook at Harry Caunce Artist and on Twitter @HarryCaunce

Take the time and check him out.

Lytham Lifeboat Launch


Today brought us another fantastic day weather wise so that meant another family day out! This time we took the short drive to Lytham. I had never been and Emily hadnt been for a while and she is has an engagement shoot there next weekend so it seemed like the perfect time for a visit.  In between cafes, coffees, club sandwiches and curly fries i did actually manage to get a few shots!

I just wish we could have stayed longer as it would have been a beautiful sunset. Oh well, never mind, that just means another trip back!!

Take a look……

Lytham WindmillLytham Lifeboat LaunchLytham WindmillLytham Windmill

Preston Docks

Preston Docks

Was good to get out today in the sun in t-shirt and shorts for the first time this year. Made it down to Preston Docks with the family for a stroll in the sunshine and a greasy cheeseburger!! Didn’t take many photographs as i actually forgot that i was even carrying my X100 around with me but here’s a couple for you.

Preston DocksPreston DocksPreston Docks


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