Warming Winter Sun (Until You Hit a Tree)

I cant believe that this place last week was a foot deep in snow. You really cant beat the early morning winter sun when it decides to show its face, there is just so much warmth to it!

Only a couple of quick shots from the GoPro this morning as my visit was cut decidedly short by a dog, then a tree and lastly, said dogs irate owner.  I did happen to be on an MTB ONLY trail and so was not quite expecting this! There is only so many times i can swerve and hit a tree instead of a dog/person/child/ferret/anaconda/Grandma (delete as appropriate) before i cant afford the repairs to my bike. When that time comes, beware, I will not swerve, my bike is more precious to me than your bloody Labradoodle!!!

Please don’t walk your dog on Bike Trails!!!!!!!
Winter Sun Winter Sun

Early (or not so early) Morning Pedalling

Its getting to that time of year again when the days are short and the weather begins to turn.  Being a Mountain Biker in the UK means the weather isn’t really a factor whether you ride or not, we are a hardy bunch! But when you have the opportunity through autumn and winter to get out when its not cold or raining you grab it with both hands! Plus you don’t have to get up at stupid o’clock because its still dark until late! Bonus!

There is nothing better though, than being somewhere to watch the sunrise, apart that is from being at your local trail head to watch the sunrise with your trusty steed, knowing that the day has just begun and it’s all about to go Downhill!!  ; D

billinge001 billinge003

Hope Line, Gisburn Forest

Managed another trip out with the guys from the Healey Nab dig crew on Sunday. This time we made it a bit further and sessioned the Hope Line at Gisburn Forest. I almost didn’t make it out of the car park with my bike  as i had forgotten to pack my seat post and seat after i took it off to get my bike in the car at home!!! My saviour came in the guise of ‘Tim’ from the Dog and Partridge in Tosside, who so very kindly after my very heartfelt plea lent me one of his for the day!! Thank you Tim!!!!

The Hope Line itself is Gisburns Freeride trail, packed full of jumps, rollers, drops and berms. Everything you need to put a great big smile on your face. The video is just a short one of us sessioning the final jump section and the pictures are stills taken from it.

Riders are , Me, Gavin Collins, Ian Harrison, Harry Shield and Scott Jackson.

Rider - Me Camera - Harry Shield
Rider – Me
Camera – Harry Shield


Rider - Me Camera - Harry Shield
Rider – Me
Camera – Harry Shield


Rider - Harry Shield
Rider – Harry Shield


Rider - Gavin Collins
Rider – Gavin Collins


Rider - Ian Harrison Camera - Me
Rider – Ian Harrison
Camera – Me


Rider - Ian Harrison
Rider – Ian Harrison


Rider - Me
Rider – Me

New Black Line at Healey Nab

This is just a quick edit of the now finished black section at Healey Nab. Its also my first attempt at not having the camera attached to me the whole time, and i have to say it got pretty addictive moving it about to try and get the best shot/angle! If the battery didn’t have a finite lifespan then i think that i would still be there now!

I’ve got a long way to go yet, but for the first go i’m pretty happy with it.

Have a watch : )

Also a couple of stills taken from the video too.Healey Nab New Line Healey Nab New Line

Healy Nab Dig and Ride

Had a cracking day yesterday with the guys up at Healey Nab in Chorley,  putting a few little finishing touches , mainly a boulder to stop an unofficial chicken run, on the new line. (come on guys, its a black option, know your limits please and don’t ruin months of others hard graft!!!)

Had a pretty good ride after the clean up too. No video this time, if there was, all you would get is a great view of me going over the bars after a pretty heavy, completely unplanned nose manual into a berm! Didn’t end well and my helmet shows the proof! (always wear a lid kids!!!!)

Anyway, heres a few shots of some of the other guys…….. (Didn’t manage to get shots of everybody, was having too much fun on the new line, sorry guys, ill get you next time )

Healey Nab
Ian Harrison
Healey Nab
Richard ‘Kedge’ Kerridge
Healey Nab
Daniel Chadwick
Healey Nab
Daniel Chadwick


Healey Nab GoPro Footage

Managed to sneak an hour in at Healy Nab, one of my (fairly) local spots. Only hit the black option today but there is also a Red graded loop that is awesome fun too!

Healey Nab is dug and maintained by volunteers in conjunction with Lancashire CC. It is a really good scene there, especially on ‘dig days’ which seem to really be growing in popularity. Everybody is welcome so if anybody fancies lending a hand to keep the Nab riding sweetly, just check out I Dig Healy Nab on Facebook as details of Dig Days are always posted there.

See You Soon! ; D


First Trip out with a GoPro

Ive always been into my action/extreme sports, especially Mountain Biking. The dilemma I always had was whether or not to bring a camera with me. The answer to that was always no! I was always too busy riding to keep stopping to take photos. The other problem was that i’ve never liked riding with with a heavy pack on my back so taking my equipment was always a chore.

So, I have finally got around to getting a GoPro! (other action cams are available!) And, so far so good, it does seem to be the answer to all of my problems. I thought i was going to be a bit disappointed with the quality of the stills i was able to get as after all, it isn’t a 5D mkii but i have found myself not really caring! Its great to be able to just set and forget!

Here are my early attempts, firstly a quickly edited video and secondly a few stills taken from it. I never really intended to take stills from this to start with so I know that with tweaking some frame rate settings in the future they could be vastly improved but i am pretty pleased with them for a first attempt. I think i can now see my blog taking on a slightly different direction!

What do you think?

Billinge Woods Two Trees Two Trees Two Trees Two Trees Two Trees Billinge Woods

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